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With over 40 years experience in the industry, Nu-Tec Tooling has continuously evolved to meet and exceed our customer’s service requirements.

Our state of the art equipment and highly trained crew allow Nu-Tec to offer exceptional quality and fast turn-around on your tooling. Not limited to sharpening, we have the capability to re-condition your tooling to proper tolerances, at affordable rates.

A brief overview of our service capabilities:

Saw Blades

  1. Practically any tooth geometry up to 42” diameter
  2. Complete re-tipping or partial tip replacement
  3. Straightening (level & tension)
  4. Bore and Pin Hole modifications
  5. Replace / Repair backings

Profile Tooling

  1. All types of profile knives (Solid Carbide/C.T./Alloy Tipped/HSS)
  2. Carbide and Alloy Tipped Cutterheads for Moulders/Shapers/Tenoners/Edgebanders etc)
  3. CNC Router Tooling


  1. Hogging Units
  2. Groovers
  3. End Matcher Tooling
  4. Tenon Heads
  5. Moulder Heads
  6. Dado Sets


  1. All types – Moulder/Planer/Jointer HSS or Carbide
  2. Debarker Knives
  3. Granulator Knives
  4. Shear Knives (84” cap)
  5. Chipper Knives

Router Bits

  1. All types- Carbide or HSS
  2. Straight Flute/Shear Face/Helical

Drill/Boring Tools

  1. Carbide or HSS
  2. V point or Brad point

Design Services

  1. AutoCad drawings and prints

We currently offer convenient pick up and delivery service throughout Pennsylvania, southern New York, and western New Jersey. We also hope to serve our friends in Ohio in the near future. For customers outside our service region, our use of UPS for shipping services ensures that the logistics are handled efficiently and quickly.

Customer Service is priority # 1 at Nu-Tec Tooling, and we seek to ensure complete satisfaction for you, our customer. We strive to provide the knowledge, advice, and top quality workmanship that you need to be successful.

Your tools are too important to trust to just anyone. You can trust Nu-Tec Tooling.